Jakie znacie fajne piosenki -każdego rodzaju...

podajcie dużo bo będę z ciągał na MP 4



chwilę temu

spoxops 2011-07-30 11:49:54

Grubson : Na szczycie , Kochana
Rihanna : S&M , Man down
Peja : Szacunek ludzi ulicy , Kc
Selena Gomez : Love You Like A Love Song
Katty Perry : Last Friday Night , E.T.
Mezo : Po robocie , Kryzys

No i to chyba tyle :)

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aniołekzrozkami 2011-07-30 12:03:17


alexandra stan- mr. saobeat
britney spears-i wanna go
jessie j-do like a dude explicit
jessi j-prince tag
katy pery-last friday night
katy pery ft. kanye west-et
nicole scheriziniger ft. 50 cent-right there
robert m-super bomb
robert m-dance hall track
robert m-just little bit
loca people-sak noel
snoop dogg ft. david guetta-sweat
wet fingers-turn me on
swedish house-mafia save the world
taylor swift-mine
LMFAO ft. Laurent bennet & Goon Rok-Party rock anthem
robert m-all day all night
robert m-dirty rush-heart of you
roll deep-good time
sylwia grzeszczak-małe rzeczy
roll deep-green light
tim berg-seek bromance-party dj ivo
usher ft. pitbull-dj got us fallin in love
05 shut up and drive
alexandra stan-get back
cristina aquilera-castle walls
dj antoine welcome to st. tropez
give me everything-pitbull-afrojak remix by...
matt pokora-oblivion
natalia kills-wonderland
usher ft. enrique iglesis-dirty dancer
lemonade mouth-determinate
lemonade mouth-somebody
jenifer lopez-on the floor
grubson-po robicie
i jeszcze tam jakieś grubsona :D

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KarolinkaxDDD1999 2011-08-05 10:11:15

Posłuchaj sobie Luxtorpeda , Enej , Pajujo , Armia , Etna Kontraband , Piotr Bukartyk
Plecam <3

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CzarnaDama 2011-08-01 20:57:30


Sabaton – Purple Heart
Mylène Farmer – Libertine
Mylène Farmer – F**k Them All
Camille – Paris
System of a Down – F**k the System
Sabaton – Uprising
Sabaton – Attero Dominatus
Indochine – Le dernier jour
System of a Down – Psycho
Tarja – I Feel Immortal
Markize – Mon Ange
Tarja – Naiad
Within Temptation – The Cross
Indochine – Little dolls
Within Temptation – What Have You Done (Featuring Keith Caputo)
Tarja – Falling Awake
Tarja – Anteroom of Death
Tarja – Poison
Tarja – Still of the Night
Indochine – J'ai Demande A La Lune
Markize – Russian Song
Camille – Making Plans For Nigel
Indochine – You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
System of a Down – Radio/Video
Children Of Bodom – She Is Beautiful
Markize – Paperdoll
Mylène Farmer – Désenchantée
Nightwish – Ever Dream
Within Temptation – Angels
Tarja – Until My Last Breath
Nightwish – Elvenpath
Markize – Pardonne-moi
Tarja – Enough
Nightwish – Sleeping Sun
Within Temptation – Gothic Christmas
Within Temptation – What Have You Done (feat. Keith Caputo)
Tarja – Ave Maria
After Forever – Being Everyone
Tarja – I Walk Alone
Markize – ... Believe
Within Temptation – Our Farewell
Tarja – You Would Have Loved This
Delain – See me in Shadow
Delain – Pristine
After Forever – Only Everything
System of a Down – U-Fig
Epica – Cry for the Moon
After Forever – Free of Doubt
Within Temptation – Mother Earth
Tarja – Die Alive
Epica – Sancta Terra
System of a Down – Vicinity Of Obscenity
Xandria – Ravenheart
Markize – Poussières de vie
Within Temptation – Stand My Ground
After Forever – Transitory
Tarja – Lost Northern
Within Temptation – Memories
Tarja – Boy And The Ghost
Markize – Transparence
Tarja – Little Lies
Indochine – Republika
Eths – v.i.t.r.i.o.l
Within Temptation – In the Middle of the Night
Zaz – Eblouie Par La Nuit
Zaz – Dans Ma Rue
Édith Piaf – Padam Padam
Lena Katina – Yugoslavia
Kells – La Sphere (Feat. Candice) (Eths)
Eths – Ileus Matricis
Tarja – The Archive of Lost Dreams
Nightwish – Ghost Love Score
Therion – To Mega Therion
Sabaton – Primo Victoria
Eiffel – Ma Blonde
Emilie Autumn – Gothic Lolita
Camille – In a manner of speaking
Nightwish – Wishmaster
Era – Kilimandjaro
Nightwish – Swanheart
Within Temptation – All I Need
Within Temptation – Ice Queen (single edit)
Zazie – L'œil du cyclone
Zaz – Les Passants
Mylène Farmer – Comme J'Ai Mal
Zaz – Prends Garde A Ta Langue
Zaz – Le Long De La Route
Zaz – Je Veux
Nightwish – Wish I Had An Angel
Keren Ann – Not Going Anywhere
Nightwish – Nemo
Nightwish – Stargazers
Within Temptation – Faster
Oomph! – On Course
Vanessa Paradis – Il Y A
Drowning Pool – Bodies
Indochine – L World
Emilie Autumn – Marry Me
Oomph! – God Is a Popstar
Zazie – L'Amour Dollar
Nemesea – Never
Oomph! – Ready Or Not (I'm Coming)
Oomph! – Sandman
Doro – Bis Auf's Blut
Noir Désir – Le Monde Est
Zazie – Les Poupées Zarbie
Keren Ann – Right Now & Right Here
Elis – Core of Life
Camille – Quand je marche
Elis – Rainbow
Mylène Farmer – Aime
Delain – Shattered

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CzarnaDama 2011-08-01 20:57:58


Poniżej muzyka tego rodzaju: french, power metal,jazz,symphonic metal, pop, female fronted metal, rock, female vocalists, metal,gothic metal.

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ŹaNeTkA 2011-07-30 12:03:00

linkin park:- in the end
Jennifer Lopez / Lil' Wayne -I'm Into You
Alexandra Stan -Get Black
Keri Hilson - Lose Control
Black Eyed Peas -Don't Stop the Party
Peter Luts - The rain
Sak Noel - Loca People

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skasowany 2011-07-30 18:07:55

Every Bone Broken – Pray for the Apocalypse
Imperanon – Vein (I Bleed)
Searing Meadow – Wasted Heroes
Siknis – IQ Less Than Zero
Autere – Circle of Kinetic Damage
Slayer – Born to Be Wild
myGRAIN – Hollowgram
Archons – Plague Of Corruption
Deviant Syndrome – Consequence
At the Gates – Blinded By Fear
Eucharist – Dissolving
Faerghail – Rain (Slipping away)
Odium – Lifting the Veil
Medicated – God Hates You
Norther – Of Darkness and Light
Elias Viljanen – Northern Breeze
Grotesque – Half Eaten
Ceremonial Perfection – Through Your Devil Nature
Universum – Invisible Scars
Dimension Zero – They Are Waiting To Take Us
Stam1na – Joutsen
Kristian Ranta – Meant To Go
Thy Disease – Salah-Dhin
Cipher System – 24 Hours Left
Wintersun – Beautiful Death
To Separate the Flesh From the Bones – Flesh That Lies Beneath
The Haunted – Hollow Ground
Viikate – Sirkkelimiehen Viitonen
Naildown – Broken Down
Indica – Valoissa
Torture Killer – A Violent Scene Of Death
Ensiferum – Lai Lai Hei
Guitar Heroes – Antz
Hevein – As Far As The Eye Can See
Katra – Kuunpoika
Bloodbath – Devouring The Feeble
Archeon – Countess Bathory
Adramelech – Centuries of Murder
Made of Hate – Judgement
Children of Bodom – Trashed, Lost & Strungout
Anorexia Nervosa – Sister september
Sentenced – Killing Me Killing You
Apathia – Daylight
Marduk – Bleached Bones
Hate – Threnody
Survivors Zero – Lucifer Effect
Deathchain – March of the thousand legions
Ancient – The Call Of The Absu Deep
Napalm Death – Breed To Breathe
Carcass – Feast On Dismembered Carnage
1349 – Satanic Propaganda
Hypocrisy – Incised Before I've Ceased
Nodding Sky – We Are Losing Her (Until All the Light Is Gone)
Moonsorrow – Aurinko ja Kuu
Armagedda – Emperor from the Eternal Dark
Apocalyptica – Farewell
Charon – Colder
Venom – Burn In Hell
Yyrkoon – Temple of Infinity
Key to Nowhere – Puste Ulice
Spreading Hate – Lighthing Into Darkness
Despise You – They All Died Is What Happened
Agoraphobic Nosebleed – Half Dead
Beto Vázquez Infinity – Golden Hair
Lycanthrophy – Vomit and Celebrities
Pain Confessor – Without Redemption, Without Remorse
dyessence – Relocation Expenses
For Selena And Sin – Colour My World
Epure – Mankind Torture
Kamala – Tired
Where Victims Lie – Blood Is Wet. Blood Is Red
Brain Drill – Awaiting Imminent Destruction
Fleshgod Apocalypse – Thru Our Scars
Deals Death – Internal Demons
Prostitute Disfigurement – The Sadist King And The Generallissimo Of Pain
My Fate – Dead Man
Gorgasm – Stitched Oral Asphyxia
Dornenreich – Grell Und Dunkel Stromt Das Leben
Dies Irae – Beyond All Dimensions
Deeds of Flesh – Ritual of Battle
Behexen – Sota valon jumalaa vastaan
Death Toll 80k – Running Through the Blood (Fear of God)
Kivimetsän Druidi – Halls Of Shadowheart
Tears of Magdalena – The Eastway
Villieläin – Voittamaton
Apocalyptica – How Far
Defeated Sanity – Fatal Self Inflicted Disfigurement
Cephalic Carnage – Scientific Remote Viewing
Scent of Flesh – Our own Archnemesis

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